🆘 promo-button Support

Promo’s backend, the promo-api, has supported frontend components and libs for minimal developer implementation cost.

Libraries below are offered as open-source, community supported libraries backed-by Tincre.


The Promo promo-button button example one, by Tincre.dev The Promo promo-button button example two, by Tincre.dev.

One button to rule them all! promo-button is a React frontend you can use to quickly offer your platform and application users a simple, turnkey way to run ads.

Run a full-featured frontend plugged-into promo-api with just a few lines of JavaScript or TypeScript.

Developers can customize its styling, functionality, and even how ads are previewed.


A library to offer node and other utility functionality for the promo-button.

In particular, this library exports getToken and generateAccessToken, among others, for secure interaction with the promo-api.


In addition to Tincre.dev docs please ask questions and voice concerns in your community here.

We created a topic for the button itself for this purpose.

We :heart: hearing from customers!