🔁 Understanding Promo Sync

:repeat: Understanding Promo Sync

Promo Sync connects Promo campaigns with Meta Ads, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads and more to bring users detailed, high-frequency ad campaign data.

Not only does Promo Sync connect your target links with Promo, it enhances ad campaign interaction performance and typically leads to lower cost conversions.

:sparkles: Features

Promo Sync is turnkey. Everything below is built-in, by default, to the promo-button on an opt-in basis. Simply add <PromoButton sync={true} ... /> in versions > v0.5.0 to enable!

Connect to ad platforms

Using link inference from other and past ads Tincre Sync is able to combine custom Google Tag Manager events and ship those in coordinated fashion to campaign ad platforms.

Better ad performance

Ad platforms work with better and more plentiful data sources. Your target properties allow for ample additional information to be delivered and reported back to ad platforms.

Everything from campaign image, video, and text copy assets, to platform placement (e.g. Facebook Feed versus Instagram Story) are typically improved with additional Sync data.

Cheaper conversions

Conversion events like cart checkouts, page views, and button clicks are invaluable pricing
tools for Promo campaigns and their underlying ad platforms like Facebook and Google Search.

Detailed Promo Data

With Promo Sync your Promo ad campaign data are supercharged in your dashboard, the API, and in the campaigns themselves. View enhanced data in detailed timeseries, cost and result breakdowns, and in data exports.

You can dig in more via these :books: docs.