Tincre.dev Promo Button

One button to rule them all. At least all the ads ones. Seriously, don’t do ads any other way; the rest just suck. Grab it via npm.

promo-button is a React library to quickly add the button that powers b00st.com to web apps.

This category covers release and other announcements, tutorials, and provides a space for users to ask questions and get support.


A utility library for the promo-button and Promo that adds easy backend functionality to your Promo app.

:information_source: Much of its functionality was previously housed in the promo-button itself but recently extracted (as of promo-button release 0.5.0) in a self-contained manner for better end-user application engineering.

In this topic…feel free to:

  • ask a question about using the library,
  • help another user use the library,
  • ask a question about how the promo-button library works or is intended to work,
  • expound on details of Tincre.dev Promo ads and/or the process of running ads through Promo,
  • provide a code snippet for community use,
  • give feedback concerning releases/roadmap and other announcements,
  • or correct a typo or mistake.

Specific feature/bug requests should be filed via Github.