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tincre.dev Product Roadmap

An overview of the future before it happens. :genie:


  • Live ad buying → API entering beta soon.
  • JavaScript client library, open source. :eyes: :rocket: Promo Button
  • Python client library, open source.
  • More and improved documentation.
    • We’ve started this one, check out our new and improved “docs portal” – Docs overview
    • Upgraded the styling and readability of the reference documentation for the Promo API
  • New and improved reference documentation
  • Concise and comprehensive instructional guides

Build, coming soon!

  • See it in action (behind the scenes): https://phund.xyz.
  • Specify repo per-app.
  • Specify build-type per-app. Right now only Next.js apps are supported.
  • Add application secrets to build.
  • Specify custom build URL.
  • Image uploader to cloudinary.

Promo Sync

Connect Promo campaigns with major platforms for enhanced campaign data and performance. Better results with less work.

  • Initial alpha release 0.0.x
  • Beta release 0.1.x
  • GA 1.0.0 Release

Promo API Notifications

  • Email implementation
  • Push implementation
  • Promo developer Slack notifications
  • Promo developer Discord notifications
  • Promo developer web notifications

Promo Button

  • Ad previews
  • Copy customizations
  • In-button payment
  • Payment customization props
  • Improve default styling options
  • Styling customizability
  • Promo Sync integration

Promo Dashboard for Integrations

  • Campaign list display
  • Profile form
  • Campaign detail page
  • Data management
  • Improve caching
  • Rerun/Prefill prior campaign in button
  • Custom per-campaign support